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Morning Announcement

Good morning Pacific Union School and happy Tuesday. Today is September 5th . I hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend.
On this Date in United States History:

Some Things to Remember for Students:

  • Remember all grades each lunch first (exception TK) and then go to recess. You must wait at the tables to be excused by and adult to recess once the lunch bell rings. Remember not to run once the bell rings, but to wait patiently until you are excused by an adult, in order to be safe and responsible.
  • The track is available at first recess, however the area around the track is not. If you are not using the track, then you need to be elsewhere.
  • Basketball and football are becoming a bit of an issue. Please clean it up if you want to keep playing in the mornings, and during breaks.

Some Things to Remember for Parents:

  • Make sure to check the Wildcat weekly for weekly updates for events on and off campus.
  • Our Wellness Center representatives will be making their way around campus for grades 5-8 giving a short presentation to students this week.  
  • Please make sure you are driving slowly and safely through the parking before and after school. Please be mindful it is a busy time, and we need to be safe for everyone picking up and dropping off kids.
  • Black gates need to be shut and locked at all times. Please use main entrance onto school grounds.

So with all of that, let’s go take advantage of the opportunity we are given today. Remember, you have the power to make it a great day or not. However, the choice is yours.

Go Wildcats!