Wildcat Weekly

May 15, 2023

Pacific Union School 2023 Arts Festival T-shirt order form 

All Proceeds benefit the Pacific Union Arts Festival (artwork by Hazel Ray-6th grade).  Print will be on a Dark Purple shirt with Light Gray ink.  

PU Arts Festival T-shirt Order2023

Two Feathers is excited to announce session 5 of our ACORN Youth Wellness Program!

ACORN is a year-long program that aims to reconnect Native American youth to traditional cultural practices and provide mentorship to support the positive development of local Native youth. The program works towards increasing health and wellness through building friendships, strengthening intertribal connections and increasing cultural identity and efficacy.

They have opportunities for Native American youth to work towards increasing health and wellness through building friendships, strengthening inter tribal connections and increasing cultural identity and efficacy.    For more information and to register, click here.

Take a Book to the Beach Event

Summer is fast approaching!  Are you ready to relax with a good book?  Starting on Monday, May 22, you have a chance to get some new books to keep!  The first week is a book trade.  From May 22-26, you can bring in one or more books to trade for a new book.  Do you have a children's book at home you and your family no longer want?  Bring it to our library and trade it for a book from the shelf right by the door.  Stay tuned for more events!

CAASPP testing

We will be continuing to test students in grades 3-8 for the next two weeks with the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress.  

You can help your child during this time by ensuring a proper sleep schedule during this time.  Students who get the proper amount of sleep at night are able to better stay focused, have improved concentration, and perform better on academic tasks.  You can help your child with their sleep schedule by ensuring they have their electronic devices off at night, as the blue light emitted by a cell phone screen restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls the sleep-wake cycle (aka circadian rhythm).


Tryouts for the Annual Pacific Union Cabaret will be on May 18th at 2:40 and 3:00 in the music room.  Please have students come with music ready and a shortened version of their act. Cabaret will be held on June 1, 2023.

Upcoming Events

5/15-5/26 CAASPP testing for grades 3-8 continues

5/15- 5/19 Pacific Union appreciation of All Staff week

5/21-5/27 Classified appreciation week

5/25 Open house 5:30-6:30

5/25 Art Auction - Auction will close at 7:00

6/1 Cabaret

6/2 Spring into Summer Dance 8:45