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Pacific Union After School Program Questionnaire

School Letter 2021-2022 – June 2

LCAP for 2021-22

Summer Learning Bridge 2021 – May 13

Summer Care Program 2021 – May 13

Spring Letter to Families – April 21

April Quarantine Travel Update (Letter) – Posted April 6

February Update Letter – Feb 26

Carta de actualización de febrero

Welcome Back to Pacific Union (Video)!  – Feb 23

Pacific Union School Blended Learning Plan 2.0 – Feb 10

Pacific Union COVID-19 Checklist – Posted Feb 1

Pacific Union COVID-19 Prevention Plan – Posted Jan 25

Pacific Union Budget Overview – Posted Jan 22

Site-Based Benchmarks – Posted Jan 4, 2021

DL in Purple – Updated Dec 15

DL in Purple – Spanish – Updated December 15

Pacific Union School Distance Learning Plan 2.0 – Nov 16

Pacific Union School Blended Learning Plan 2.0 – Nov 16

School Site Specific Protection Plan

Please See Here for immunization requirements!

Pacific Union Learning Continuity Plan 2020-21

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