Uniform Complaint Procedures

The Pacific Union School District has a primary responsibility for insuring that the district complies with state and federal laws and regulations governing education programs implemented by the district and civil rights protections regarding sex, sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, or mental or physical disability.

In accordance with state law, this is to notify you that you have a right to file a written complaint in accordance with the provisions of Title 5 of the California Administrative Code Sections 4600 and following in the event you believe that the Pacific Union School District is in violation of state or federal laws in that it unlawfully discriminates in the following programs: Consolidated Categorical Aid programs, Child Nutrition programs, and Special Education programs, or in any other program receiving state or federal funding. In the event that a complaint is filed with the district and a decision is issued, this is to notify you further of your right to appeal a decision by the district to the State Superintendent of Schools.

In accordance with law, you are also notified that you may have civil law remedies in addition to remedies through this complaint process. In addition to the complaint process set forth in the district’s policy regarding uniform complaint procedures, you may also have the right to have the State Department of Education directly intervene under certain circumstances, which are set forth in Section 4650. Should you have any questions concerning the complaint process and your rights to file a complaint, you may contact the Pacific Union School District Office.

You may also request a written copy of the District’s Uniform Complaint Procedure which clarifies appeal processes, timelines for appeals to be filed and a timeline for seeking civil law remedies in discrimination complaints.