Leaving During School Hours

Pacific Union is a closed campus. This means that students are not allowed to leave the campus during the school day unless the student brings a note from a parent/guardian to the school office prior to the start of school or their parent/guardian contacts or comes to the school office to complete a Permit to Leave School Grounds form and checks them out. Students who arrive at school after 8:30 must also check in through the school office.

Students are not allowed to walk home for lunch unless they live within a short walking distance from school and have a completed Permit to Leave School Grounds form on file in the office. Other students may go to lunch with a parent/guardian by completing the proper form at the school office. This form only allows students to go to their own home or to leave campus with their own parent or guardian.

Students must sign out on the Off Campus Log (with school secretary) when leaving campus and sign in if they return to school that same day. This procedure applies to all students–whether they are leaving campus one time or are going home for lunch on a regular basis.