Attendance and Tardies

California State Law requires every child to attend school. The following three policies are essential to our attendance program:

1. Please make an effort to get your child to school in the morning on time. If a student does arrive late, they must check in with the office to pick up a late admittance slip. After three unexcused tardies, the office will make contact to the parents/guardians to see if the problem can be solved. If tardies continue, it could lead to a referral to the School Attendance Review Board.

2. After absences, students must bring notes from parents verifying the absence from school. This also can be done by phone or by personally stopping by the school office. Parents can expect to be contacted in cases of excessive absence.

3. Absences are excused only for reasons of illness, medical appointments, and funerals according to state law and our local board of education policies.

4. If your child must be absent for reasons other than those listed in #3 above (i.e. vacation), you should contact your child’s teacher and request an Independent Study Agreement. This provides an opportunity for your child to keep up with his school work while away from school and allows the school to continue to receive funding for those days absent. Since the teacher will work with you and your child in tailoring the lessons around the nature of the absence, it is very important you contact the teacher at least one week prior to the scheduled departure.

If you have any questions regarding the attendance policy, please contact Mrs. White. Thanks for your cooperation.