Board Procedures – Agenda and Agenda Items

Any person who wants an item placed on the agenda can do so by completing the District Agenda Item Request form. This request form and any supporting information must be received by the district eight (8) working days prior to the meeting.

Emergency items may be added to the agenda by vote of the Board. This vote must follow the proper procedure. Members of the public may address the trustees regarding an agenda item after the presentation has been made. Anyone wishing to address the trustees will stand and state their name and any group they are representing. There will be a time limit of three (3) minutes per person per item. There will be a total time limit of fifteen (15) minutes per agenda item. If there are representatives from opposing points of view, each side will be allotted half the total time. The Board President may take a poll of the audience and may ask that additional persons speak only if they have something new to add. The discussion of the agenda item will take place after the Public Comments and be limited to the Governance Team. If needed, the Governance Team may direct questions to the presenter. The Trustees may make a motion on the item and vote on the motion. They may also table the item for another time or take no action.