Addressing the Board

Members of the public may address the board regarding items on the agenda as these items are taken up. Prior to the start of the meeting, persons wishing to speak will, on forms provided, indicate their name, address, and item on which they intend to speak. If the matter is listed as an item for board action, the board will not take action until persons who have requested to speak have done so.

The time allocated for an individual member of the public to speak will be five minutes to address the Board on any subject. The board shall limit the total time for each subject to twenty minutes. In case of numerous requests to address the same item, the board may select representatives to speak on each side of the item.

No disturbance or willful interruption of any board meeting shall be permitted. Persistence, by an individual or group, shall be grounds for the chair to terminate their privilege of address or removal from the meeting.

Each person who addresses the board must be first recognized by the presiding officer. Comments must be addressed to the board as a whole and not to individual staff members or district employees. The board and staff are not obligated to comment on or respond to addresses by the public.

The district has an established procedure for considering complaints regarding individual employees. Persons, including members of the board, school employees, and members of the public, requesting an opportunity to present complaints tothe board about a specific employee, shall first notify the superintendent or board president. Notice will be given to the person against whom the complaints are directed. If the complaint is not resolved satisfactorily at the administrative level, the matter will be scheduled for a closed session meeting of the board. The employee complained against must be given at least 24 hours written notice of the opportunity to request that such complaints be heard in open session of the board, or to be present in closed session if the board so agrees.