SOCIAL STUDIES COMMITTEE The Social Studies curriculum committee consists of a representative from each grade level. During a year of textbook adoption, the committee spends time reviewing available texts, assessing readability, graphics, and support materials. The teachers are then given time to peruse the textbooks from the various publishing companies, making decisions as to the most appropriate texts for their grade levels. The annual geography bee has been part of our discussions, and this year we will be connected with National Geographic, so we can send students to the next level of competition. Every year for the past 8 years, 7th and 8th grade students have presented projects at History Day at HSU. A number of students have continued on to the state competition. The projects are backboards or mini museums presenting a particular event or person in history. Students have also been involved in dramatic presentations of historical events. In 2005 Pacific Union’s will increase involvement student involvement in History Day beginning with posters from the 5th and 6th grades.

ARTS COMMITTEE The goal of the Pacific Union Arts Committee is to support teaching and learning in the four arts disciplines: Visual Art, Theatre, Dance, and Music. Pacific Union staff members receive arts professional training through the California Arts Project, support partnerships with Dell’Arte’s Theatre Education Through the Arts, provide student attendance at arts in the community and direct our May Arts Festival Arts. This May 2008 marks our 8th Annual Arts Festival devoted to Visual Art, Theatre, Dance and Music throughout the school. Music, Art, Dance, and Theater are showcased throughout the school and on our new theater located in our gymnasium. In June 2004, retiring committee member David Cherney initiated the Pacific Union Arts Endowment Fund, which enables the arts to excel within our school.

TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE In addition, the school has a Pacific Union’s Technology Committee consisting of a group of teachers and administrators, and our technology coordinator. We meet on a regular basis to discuss updating hardware and software, as well as planning staff development opportunities. Our technology coordinator oversees the day-to-day maintenance of all the school’s computers as well as assists with staff development. The mission of Pacific Union School is to help all learners develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and personal esteem necessary to grow in and shape a changing society. We also help students become caring, productive, participating citizens, aware of local, state, national, and global needs. Within this scope of our mission, we embrace bringing to our community a goal of integrating technology into our curriculum. We take the initiative to provide access to technology for all students via a computer lab, classroom technologies, and community outreach opportunities. The delivery of lessons have iterated from fact based drill and practice, to simulations, to project based research lessons, to our present use of technology infusion in our curriculum. Currently we have twenty-eight eMacs/iMacs in our computer lab. Throughout the school, most of the classrooms are equipped with three Macintosh computers. All of our computers are networked and are Internet accessible. 

MATH COMMITTEE Pacific Union’s math committee consists of representatives from the primary, intermediate, upper grade teachers and administrators. The role of this committee is to evaluate materials, develop multiple measures, and discuss professional development opportunities in mathematics. Some accomplishments include; choosing math materials for the classroom, Math Fair, and providing professional opportunities for certificated and classified staff as well as community parents.

ARBORETUM COMMITTEE The goal of the arboretum committee is to provide a natural setting for outdoor education to take place here at Pacific Union. Students have the opportunity to visit a native arboretum for curricular studies with hands on experiences.

GARDEN COMMITTEE Pacific Union maintains a school garden enabling students to experience first hand the excitement of planting, growing, and harvesting their own vegetables.